New Jersey Credit Union League Partners With AmerAssist for Collections Management; Automated Triggers Keep Receivable Cycle On Track

In today’s tough economy having sufficient cash flow is critical, especially for credit unions, who need be in a position to help members during difficult financial times while also protecting themselves from excessive risk. To help member credit unions maintain this delicate balance, the New Jersey Credit Union League has chosen to partner with AmerAssist A/R Solutions, a leading national provider of cash flow management and accounts receivable collection solutions.

“AmerAssist’s use of technology and automation is what most impressed us about the collections product suite,” said Paul Gentile, President/CEO of New Jersey Credit Union League. “Collections is one of the most difficult operational areas for a credit union as they look to balance the need to protect the credit union, yet work with members through tough times. We’re confident AmerAssist has the right approach and the ability to complement and enhance a credit union’s existing process.”

Paul Stang, VP of Association Programs at AmerAssist said, “I was excited when Michael Malone, our New Jersey District Manager , presented us with the opportunity to partner with the members of the New Jersey Credit Union League. Our management team has over thirty years of experience helping credit unions. We understand how critical cash flow is to a financial institution as well as the sensitivity needed to resolve delinquent receivables in a member-owned institution like a credit union.”

Paul adds, “It’s the reason we invest heavily in technology to maintain a seamless, efficient process to maximize cash flow for our customers, as well as highly trained collection professionals who achieve exceptional results without endangering important customer relationships. We’re looking forward to a long successful relationship with the New Jersey Credit Union League.”

AmerAssist A/R Solutions is one of the most experienced companies providing cash flow, accounts receivable and outsourcing solutions to over 10,000 credit grantors across the U.S. AmerAssist’s licensed and bonded services are endorsed by over 100 national trade and professional associations. For more information visit:

The New Jersey Credit Union League (NJCUL) was founded in 1934 and is the official state trade association for credit unions. The NJCUL serves as the principal advocate for NJ credit unions with state and federal lawmakers to protect and enhance the operations of both state and federally chartered credit unions.

NJCUL’s mission statement reads: “We enable our member credit unions to succeed by providing industry leading advocacy, education, and services. We create a collaborative environment that adds value through shared services, consumer awareness, and innovative market development”.

For more information contact their website: or call 1.800.792.8861.