The Missouri Dental Association and AmerAssist have partnered to provide you with accounts receivable management and collection services that offer exclusive preferred pricing for members. It’s just one more valuable benefit for MDA members.

AmerAssist has formed alliances with various dental technology providers in order to offer dental practices of all sizes and specialties a more efficient and streamlined collections process through their practice management systems.  And our services are utilized by some of the largest dental facilities nationwide.


  • Our services speed up cash flow, reduce losses from uncollected accounts and help our dental practices run more profitably and efficiently so your office may concentrate on providing Clinical Excellence.
  • Our skilled team provides courteous, but effective follow-up that communicates the urgency of prompt payment while also preserving patient relationships so they return for future care.
  • The accounts receivable management and recovery services that AmerAssist provides are the finest available at any price from any source.

Whether you seek the lowest possible cost (averaging less than 10%) or the maximum recovery ratio, our service satisfies the need for profit improvements. And we provide custom-tailored solutions for healthcare accounts that includes free database skip tracing and credit bureau reporting.

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