AmerAssist specializes in accounts receivable management and recovery services to increase cash flow for the Utility – Propane industries.

Solutions for evolving markets:

  • Utilities– In a changing market, the complex utilities industry is faced with increasing regulatory oversight, uncertain market conditions, and new competition from alternative energy suppliers.  While managing these challenges, it’s critical for utilities to remain focused on creating an excellent customer experience.
  • We work for very large utilities but we also serve smaller, municipal utility companies in both regulated and deregulated markets.   Our recovery services preserve positive customer relations and meet federal and state requirements, as well as public utility commission guidelines.
  • Propane – AmerAssist provides innovative solutions to meet client performance expectations for members of the propane industry engaged in the retail marketing of propane gas and appliances; producers and wholesalers of propane equipment;  manufacturers and distributors of propane equipment; fabricators of propane gas cylinders and tanks; and propane transporters.
  • Our approach produces one-call resolutions and supports your brand with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

We offer First Party follow-up with Utility/Propane debtors as an extension of Customer Care or Early Intervention functions executed with courtesy and respect.  And for later stage pre-charge-off collections, outsourcing to AmerAssist can supplement in-house collection efforts to assure that proper due diligence standards are performed even when a staff shortage or temporary workload increase occurs.

AmerAssist also effectively liquidates older Post Charge-Off accounts in later stages of delinquency, including those accounts typically labeled “bad debt,” or debt that has already  been worked initially through internal collection efforts.

Whether you seek the lowest possible cost or the maximum recovery ratio, our service satisfies the need for profit improvements.
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