AmerAssist specializes in accounts receivable management and recovery services to increase cash flow for Retail & E-tail businesses.

Solutions for evolving markets:

From the purchase of a pair of socks to consumer electronics, the retail industry processes millions of transactions every single day.  And those transactions can be done in person or electronically while using many payment options; from credit card, debit card, electronic wallet to checks and various forms of payment plans.

  • Consumers expect to interact with a retail brand in a variety of ways; whether they are in a store, online, talking to a call center or interacting via their mobile device.
  • High transaction volume and the variety of payment options can often overwhelm the receivable management process, resulting in a negative impact to your cash flow while also risking the relationship with your customers.
  • AmerAssist’s primary goal is to consistently meet our clients’ performance expectations.

  • Outsourcing receivable management support to AmerAssist can permit E-tailers to focus on their core competencies, from bin management at multiple pick and pack fulfillment centers to complex logistics and shipping integration that works over the web.
  • Our experienced team use their special training and skill sets to provide personalized customer interactions to facilitate quick and efficient resolutions with exceptional support of your brand.

We offer First Party follow-up for Retail debtors as an extension of Customer Care or Early Intervention functions executed with courtesy and respect.  And for later stage pre-charge-off collections, outsourcing to AmerAssist can supplement in-house collection efforts to assure that proper due diligence standards are performed even when a staff shortage or temporary workload increase occurs.

AmerAssist also effectively liquidates older Post Charge-Off accounts in later stages of delinquency, including those accounts typically labeled “bad debt,” or debt that has already  been worked initially through internal collection efforts.

Whether you seek the lowest possible cost or the maximum recovery ratio, our service satisfies the need for profit improvements.
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