AmerAssist is one of the most experienced collection and outsourcing organizations in the nation serving credit grantors in a broad range of industries. The services we offer are endorsed by over 100 national trade and professional associations.

Last year, the people in our organization collected over $800 million dollars, maintaining the cash flow necessary for the profits and growth of over 10,000 credit grantors. Our licensed and bonded services are provided nationwide. AmerAssist also maintains a $1,000,000 excess liability policy for each client’s protection.

AmerAssist – one of the nation’s most experienced collection organizations


The accounts receivable management and recovery services that AmerAssist provides are the finest available at any price from any source.

Whether you seek the lowest possible cost or the maximum recovery ratio, our service satisfies the need for profit improvements. And we provide custom-tailored solutions to meet specific performance objectives.

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