As the healthcare economy has moved towards higher-deductible plans with continually changing policies and coverages, managing receivables has become more challenging as the volume of invoices, inquiries, re-billings, and disputes escalate. And when more receivables become past due, it negatively affects the revenue cycle management process and patient satisfaction.  However, AmerAssist offers our healthcare clients effective solutions as explained below:

    • Over fifty percent (50%) of self-pay, patient responsibility balances now go seriously delinquent or unpaid.   AmerAssist’s services can create an immediate cash infusion and an ongoing revenue stream from your healthcare accounts receivables.  And you maintain control over your patient relationships, while we accelerate dispute resolution and the processing of financial assistance when appropriate.
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    • These services can jump-start your revenue cycle either for the First Party Outsourcing of a cure program,  where we serve as an extension of your staff on early stage pre-charge off receivables, or as a full service Third Party Recovery program for  post charge-off  accounts.

    AmerAssist’s Healthcare Division has a skilled team well-versed in the intricacies of assisting patients through education and managing healthcare accounts. Our process includes a Patient Advocacy approach  to protect your reputation and patient relationships.  Everyone wins with our approach, which is always caring, compliant and complaintless.

    • In addition, our healthcare division has formed alliances with various medical technology providers in order to offer medical providers a more efficient and streamlined collections process.
    • The core business of AmerAssist’s Healthcare Division is the management of non-performing medical receivables. We specialize in individual hospitals, healthcare systems, surgery centers, physician groups, ambulance services and durable medical equipment companies.  Both compliance (including adherence to HIPAA) and security is always assured.


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