Business process outsourcing is the contracting of various non-primary business activities and functions to a third-party provider. When these services are provided by AmerAssist for the management of accounts receivables in the client’s name, it is a First Party process.  These Cure programs provide the debtor with the opportunity to bring the account current prior to charge-off.

AmerAssist offers First Party follow-up with your debtors as an extension of your Customer Care or Early Intervention functions.  And for later stage pre-charge-off collections, outsourcing to AmerAssist can supplement your in-house collection efforts to assure that proper due diligence standards are performed according to your credit policies even when a staff shortage or temporary workload increase occurs.  These services can be performed on our systems or directly on our clients’ systems when appropriate.

  • These diplomatic services provide a proactive approach to customer contact, improving cash flow and customer relationships. Our customer contact solutions bring together our skilled personnel, technology, infrastructure and facilities to deliver the fully customized message or campaign of your choice to your customers.
  • Early Stage Collections on newly delinquent accounts combine collection calls placed and letters sent in the client’s name. This early intervention strategy is an economical solution for accelerating cash flow, which prevents write-offs.
  • Benefits include customized solutions to fit your needs and lower costs while we increase your recovery ratio. These back office solutions help solve issues and let you focus on your core business. It is a cost-effective alternative to in-house process management or special AR projects for both B2C and B2B public and private sector clients.
  • AmerAssist also provides extensive reporting and useful analytics to help you make important decisions on how to run your business or manage your practice (especially for early out self-pay or patient responsibility receivables).

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