AmerAssist specializes in providing “discrete recovery services”  for  a broad spectrum of educational institutions; from private schools to colleges and universities and related student loan providers.

We serve members of the National Association of Independent Schools throughout the country.

  • AmerAssist is experienced in successfully recovering tuition deficiency balances for various types of tuition plans (for both current and former students).  And we recover defaults when the recourse option is exercised by a tuition management company.
  • Our services are also effective on all types of small balance, incidental debts (from books to activity fees).

AmerAssist starts by addressing the objectives and requirements of your school.  Your  business and financial aid offices are provided with the opportunity to customize our services for your early stage collections or post charge-off recoveries.

  • We understand that your students are your most important asset, and we ensure that the responsible parties receive respectful, courteous, and professional service with every interaction.

Everyone wins with our approach, which is always caring, compliant and complaintless.

Whether you seek the lowest possible cost or the maximum recovery ratio, our service satisfies the need for profit improvements.
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