AmerAssist’s approach to Accounts Receivables Management is simple and holistic:
  • Develop world class contact and data centers.
  • Then invest in the best people, training, metric analytics and award winning technology systems.
  • This enables us to measure, monitor and analyze, which helps drive optimal operational  efficiency, performance and agent  behaviors that deliver superior outcomes.
  • AmerAssist’s Pledge defines a consistent set of expectations for how we operate, which is always fair and respectful in every interaction with your clients or patients.
  • Integrity and excellence are achieved by having a set of clear values and guidelines which lets employees know where they stand and customers know our values and the quality of service they will receive.
  • Our representatives are trained to understand that the best outcomes occur when we focus on both account resolution and protecting your client or patient relationships.
  • AmerAssisst provides custom-tailored solutions to meet specific performance objectives and service levels. We have proven our competence in handling all stages of delinquency within the receivable cycle.  And our innovative approach delivers lower cost solutions.