• AmerAssist is dedicated to leveraging custom technology to its fullest advantage. Since inception, our organization has focused on harnessing the power of our own innovative, internally developed software to reduce cost and improve efficiency for our clients in managing their revenue cycle; and to accelerate cash flow from their receivable portfolio while reducing bad debt losses.
  • This approach increases our client’s ability to stimulate revenue growth through credit granting and reduces the need for capital, while improving profit margins.  And AmerAssist’s technology is designed to support and produce the highest possible recovery ratios in the shortest possible time frame.
  • Our web-based client portal provides 24/7 access and control over your accounts, giving you a snapshot of their status any time you need it.
  • We also partner and fully integrate with major software programs in a number of industries.
  • And we have developed and implemented a suite of call center management, account scoring and coaching tools with call monitoring that confirms and controls the care and quality of communication with your clients or patients.
  • AmerAssist’s proprietary software is integrated with our sophisticated Open-Source VICIdial inbound and outbound predictive dialing and recording systems.  This software also provides agents with instant access to a comprehensive network of credit bureau and skiptracing support databases.
  • Our decision support and queue management systems also enhance performance optimization and effectiveness for both our collection and first party outsourcing clients.  Supervisors constantly review uncollected accounts and can rotate calling queues daily or approve litigation processing when appropriate.
  • AmerAssist not only provides best-in-class receivables solutions, we also produce extensive reporting and useful analytics. We understand that irrespective of your business size, clear and concise reporting helps you make important decisions on how to run your business or manage your practice.
  • Our facilities are fully secured and require key card access to all restricted areas. The most up-to-date  encryption, firewalls and high level protection against malware and viruses provide peace of mind for clients knowing that their data is completely secure and protected.